What's Going On?: How to Tell When They Can't Tell You, A Manual for Caregivers of People

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Behavior always makes sense. It is up to those of us who provide care to understand what kind of sense it is making.

This workbook is a comprehensive training manual that offers a structured step-by-step model for analyzing what is going on when someone with intellectual disability and limited verbal skills shows a change in behavior or mood – and suggests what to do about it. Numerous case study examples bring the issues to life and provide opportunities for practice. The workbook can be used individually or in a group workshop or class setting.

Dr. Hartwell-Walker’s practical and compassionate approach to problem-solving is easy to understand yet powerful in application. Feedback from in-service trainings at agencies, college classes and parent workshops over the past 12 years has been overwhelmingly positive.  Completing the workbook helps those new to the field feel more confident. Experienced caregivers appreciate an organized review of factors to consider when an individual is in distress.

Dr. Hartwell-Walker is dually licensed in Massachusetts as both a psychologist and marriage and family therapist and has been active in clinical work for over 40 years. She has been a clinician, an administrator and supervisor in various clinical settings and recently retired from her position as an Area Psychologist for the Massachusetts Department of Developmental Services. She has taught undergraduate classes in developmental disabilities and mental health and graduate level courses in family therapy, parent education, classroom discipline and psychological education. She is a popular and effective speaker and in-service trainer for agencies, schools and parent groups.

Dr. Marie is the author of Unlocking the Secrets of Self-Esteem (New Harbinger Press) and Tending the Family Heart and Tending the Family Heart through the Holidays (PsychCentral Press).  She is a regular contributor to PsychCentral.com and to Huffington Post.com and has published over 500 articles on various mental health issues in journals and on InterNet sites.

You can follow her on Facebook (Marie Hartwell-Walker) and Twitter (@MHartwellWalker) or visit her website at www.MarieHartwell-Walker.com where she blogs about life in small town New England and frequently posts suggestions for increasing one’s self-esteem.

Dr. Marie and her husband of almost 50 years have 4 adult children. They live in western Massachusetts.