Trainee Workbook for Mental Health Approaches to Intellectual/Developmental Disability

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This workbook is a companion to Mental Health Approaches to Intellectual/Developmental Disability: A Resource for Trainers and is designed to be given to all trainees.  The Trainee Workbook contains copies of all slides that will be used in your training, but does not include text explaining the slides.  That information will be provided by your trainer.  The Trainee Workbook does include space for you to record your own notes about the material.  Each training module includes a pre-test to be taken prior to the training and a post-test to be taken after the training. 


The Resource for Trainers and the Trainee Workbook provide training concerning the field of support for persons with intellectual or developmental disabilities (IDD) and mental health concerns.  The material is arranged in ten modules.  It is unlikely that a single training session would attempt to cover all modules.


Module I:  What Is a Dual Diagnosis?

Module II: Building on the Basics: Understanding Assessment Practices in Dual Diagnosis

Module III: Mental Health Evaluations

Module IV: Signs and Symptoms of Mental Illness

Module V: From DM-ID to DM-ID-2

Module VI: Support Strategies

Module VII: Adapting Therapy for People with IDD

Module VIII: Childhood and Adolescence

Module IX: Aging

Module X: Inter-Systems Collaboration


As mentioned, the Trainee Workbook is a companion to the Resource for Trainers.  The Resource for Trainers includes copies of the slides, extensive information about the content in the slides, and references for further study.  In addition to preparing a trainer to offer workshops on topics concerning mental health and intellectual/developmental disability, the Resource for Trainers can be used for individual study or as a reference guide.