Trainee Workbook for Mental Health Approaches to Intellectual/Developmental Disability - 2nd Edition

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Expected release date is Feb 17th 2022

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Trainee Handbook for Mental Health Approaches to Intellectual/Developmental Disabilities - 2nd Edition

This workbook is a companion to Mental Health Approaches to Intellectual/Developmental Disability: A Resource for Trainers 2nd Edition and is designed to be given to all trainees.  The Trainee Workbook contains copies of all slides that will be used in your training, but does not include text explaining the slides.  That information will be provided by your trainer.  The Trainee Workbook does include space for trainees to record notes about the material.  Each training module includes a pre-test to be taken prior to the training and a post-test to be taken after the training. 

The second editions of Resource for Trainers and the Trainee Workbook provide updated training concerning the field of support for persons with intellectual or developmental disabilities (IDD) and mental health concerns.