The Way of the Support Worker

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Author: Kevin Alexander, NADD-DSP


After 20 years of providing supportive care, Kevin Alexander shares stories, anecdotes, and tips with the intention of building a healthy career for those who choose The Way of the Support Worker

Having traveled across the country, working in institutions, group homes, communities, and charitable organizations, Mr. Alexander has learned some valuable lessons of how to build a sustainable career while working with people who need support.

He shares his skills for building a community that honors and supports the forgotten Master Teachers of our time. Kevin Alexander paints a picture of support work that not only puts the person first but also honors the lessons learned from the people he supports.

This book aims to help strengthen the voice to the silent majority of people in the support services field, as the front line workers are often the most underutilized resource in social services.

The Way of the Support Worker provides a unique perspective on support work. It will provide you with just enough to help you build a strong and healthy community, career, and relationship with the people you support.

About the Author

Kevin Alexander has been a front line support worker for over 20 years. Being drawn early in his life to supporting others, he is grateful to the lessons he has learned from supportive care that has helped transform his life in so many positive ways.