The Human Rights Agenda for Persons with Intellectual Disabiltities

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Edited by:  Dorothy Griffiths, CM, OOnt, PhD, Shelley L. Watson, PhD, Frances Owen, PhD, CPsych


This book explores ways in which the spirit of the UN Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities may be enacted in the lives of individuals who have intellectual and developmental disabilities.  A broad range of rights issues and research is examined related to health, education, the law, sexuality, parenting, and daily living with the goal of exploring the history of concerns and barriers to rights enactment.  Examples of rights promotion programs are described and strategy recommendations are provided for organizations and self-advocates committed to the promotion of the authentic enactment of human rights.

Table of Contents


Message from People First: Welcome to the Rights Agenda Book



Foreword: Turning Right

Introduction: A Rights Agenda

Legal/Philosophical Overview: Human Rights and Intellectual Disabilities

The Right to Exist and to Life-sustaining Measures

The Right to Community Living

The Right to Accessible Health Care for Persons with Intellectual Disabilities

Inclusion, Education, and Transition to Employment: A Work in Progress

The Right to Sexuality and Relationships

A Right to Parent: Supports for Parents with Intellectual Disabilities and their Children

The Right to Consent Treatment

Human Rights and the Justice System

Human Rights, Self-Advocacy

Human Rights: Where We Are and Where We’re Going

Appendix: Guidelines for Self Advocates