Forensic Issues with Persons with Cognitie Disabilities

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Andrew Griffin, PhD, Forensic Psychologist, Mexia State Supported Living Center, Mexia, Texas.

This workshop will discuss the issues associated with forensic evaluations for persons with cognitive and developmental disabilities. Juveniles and adults are referred by the courts for an evaluation of their competency or their readiness to go to trial. Mexia State Supported Living Center is the designated center for forensic evaluation and treatment by the Texas Department of Aging and Disability for this population. The individuals served in the evaluation process receive medical, psychiatric, and behavioral supports in addition to sessions to help them learn about the court system. In addition, they receive an evaluation of their cognitive, educational, and adaptive capabilities. The evaluation results in a report that is used by the court to determine if an individual will stand trial or not, and whether the individual will be sent by the courts for extended treatment at the Mexia State-Supported Living Center or to another setting. This workshop will examine approaches and issues related to testing as well as competency training, forensic evaluation, and malingering with this population.

Produced in 2011