Compassion Fatigue

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By: Paul Deignan, New Hampshire Department of Health and Human Services.

Compassion fatigue has been defined as "A combination of secondary traumatic stress (vicarious traumatization) and burnout both of which negatively impact on care giving skills" or a "Chronic lack of self care" or "a Responder's diminished ability to provide emotional support for disaster survivors. This lack of empathy, care and concern may come from overexposure to the suffering of others compounded by the emotionally draining effects of prolonged challenging work." Compassion fatigue is not a character flaw but is a risk for those who care for others. This webinar will address: who is vulnerable for compassion fatigue, symptoms of compassion fatigue, potential debilitating consequences of compassion fatigue, strategies for managing and healing compassion fatigue, and compassion satisfaction. Any person in the helping profession may benefit from attending this webinar.

Produced in 2012