Addressing Episodes of Violence in Residents & Serving Programs for Agencies Serving Person w/Combined ID/MH

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Level: Advanced.

Lawrence A. Dana, PhD, ABPP, Saratoga Springs, NY.

This discusses the need for agencies serving persons with combined ID/MH diagnoses to make a critical shift in the way they perceive and sometimes tolerate episodes of violence in residences and service programs. The primary focus of this presentation is to explore ways to achieve zero levels of violence, while still respecting the rights of the individuals served. Specific topics will include the dangers of sole reliance on the "ABC" model of addressing acting out behaviors and the need to go far beyond the often obsolete and ineffectual "behavior plan" style of intervention strategies. The case will be made for improved priority setting by agency management, suggesting that we treat violence prevention with the same intensity and resources now accorded fire prevention. And for the same reason. A model using a mix of critical incident review, rapid and effective crisis intervention, and retraining staff in the use of relationship and communication based programming will be presented.

Produced in 2010